Pregnancy Yoga

**New Class time OCEAN GROVE Saturdays 09.45am Click here to book Starts 18/5**


Yoga with a Midwife in Geelong & Bellarine. Prenatal Yoga classes with Womb 2 Move are taught by Erin each week at various locations across Geelong and the Bellarine.

Classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience from 12-42 weeks of pregnancy.

We practice gentle Birthlight Yoga to tone the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles which both increase the stability of the pelvis as pregnancy advances.

Regular safe movement can help your body to comfortably accommodate growing baby and keep you mobile and sleeping with more ease.

We also explore yoga for use during labour and birth and information about birth is discussed each week depending on what the class would like to know.

Each class comprises of:

  •  Pranayama (breathing/Centering practice suitable for pregnancy and often used during labour)
  • A series of Yoga Asanas (movements or poses) will vary depending on the group and what each woman is hoping to gain from her yoga that day, all suitable for pregnancy and modified for each Mumma as needed.
  • Pelvic floor toning and awareness
  • Shivasana- Laying comfortably on the floor for your body to integrate your yoga practice (with pillows, bolsters, blankets as needed) for guided relaxation/mediation that it is hoped will increase a sense of bonding and attachment with your baby.

Building communities of women to support each other at this time or life is another important aim of Womb 2 Move Yoga classes. Each class begins with a welcome circle where you will introduce yourself, let us know if you have any news to share and hear about any exciting baby arrivals that have happened over the past week. Classes each week may also include some partner work where you will work with another women into 2 or 3 yoga poses that require support.

When you attend any of our Pregnancy classes all you need to bring is a water bottle as all yoga equipment and mats are provided.


Casual Pregnancy Classes Term 2 (Cost $22)

Evening Courses 10 week courses (Cost $200)

Term 2 Courses Commencing 23rd & 24th April

Please enroll now to avoid disappointment. Payment is accepted via Card or Cash at the beginning of the course. All 10 week courses cost $200 and casual attendance is not able to be accommodated.

**If you are 30+ weeks pregnant we are able to offer you a 5 week term please Contact Erin **

Prenatal 10 week Yoga Courses  Cost $200

Commencing the week of 23rd April and running for 10 consecutive weeks.

  • The Birth House Tuesdays 5.30pm (FULL)
  • The Birth House Tuesdays 7pm (FULL)
  • The Birth House Wednesdays 5.30pm (FULL)
  • The Birth House Wednesdays 7pm (FULL)

Please choose the location and time you prefer. See Our Locations for more information

Places in these course are strictly limited. Enroll now to avoid disappointment. If your preferred class is full you will be given the option to “Request a booking” and we can let you know if there is a cancellation.