Maeve (heather H)

Q. Does my baby have to be awake or asleep during Post Natal Yoga?

A. Your baby will decide what they are up to on the day! As much as we may like to have a say, we don’t so there are no expectations at all! All the babies are very young and none are in a routine at this stage. Sometimes you may be lucky enough to have them sleeping in their capsule or on the floor (this is your luck day!!) or moving through the yoga holding baby or on a dodgy day you may feel like you spent the whole class feeding but we will still be able to include you in the breath work and mindfulness while you do.

Q. What do I need to bring to class?

A. For Pregnancy Classes all you need to bring is a water bottle. All Yoga equipment and mats are provided. For Post Natal Classes you need to bring your baby, nappy bag, a water bottle & a little blanket for baby to lay on during class if they feel like being put down.

Q. Do I HAVE to wear yoga pants??

A. Nope. You just need to be comfortable and to be able to move freely with nothing too tight around your waist (skirts don’t tend to work). Our studios are all air-conditioned but you may still feel warm once you get moving. Blankets are provided if you are feeling cold during relaxation. FYI- A Mumma once let us know how grateful she was for her yoga pants  when her waters broke in the supermarket and she didn’t even make a puddle!! Yoga pants saved the day!

Q. Can I come if I have twins?

A. Absolutely, you will be asked to complete an enrolment form at your first class- please let Erin know if you are pregnant with twins or more. Keeping the body moving is even more important! Modifications will be advised as there is increased risks of many pregnancy complications and pre term labour with Multiple pregnancies. We also warmly welcome Twins and their Mummas to Post Natal Yoga (Erin loves to have an extra baby!), we can only accommodate one set of twins in each class though so please let us know when you book.

Q. When can I start Pregnancy Yoga?

A. You are able to attend your first class any from 12-42 weeks of pregnancy. Its never too late to start.

Q. When can I start back at Womb 2 Move after I give birth?

A. Although our Post Natal Yoga is very gentle and yoga can be perfectly safe in the first few weeks after birth.. we recommend that you stay close to home and enjoy your baby-moon during the first 6 weeks with your little one. If you have had a complicated birth such as Caesarean Birth there is also some extra body healing that needs to be done before joining our classes- We recommend starting at least 8 weeks post birth. Please Contact Erin  with any specific questions.

Q. Do you offer Yoga with crawling babies or  Toddlers?

A. No our current locations are not a safe space for active babies sorry.